Analysis Of Legal Measures Of COVID-19 In India



Third Year, B.A.LL.B Lloyd Law College, Greater Noida, India


The following is a brief analysis of the topic titled ‘Analysis Of Legal Measures Of COVID-19 In India ’. This topic has been read, shortened and examined broadly under the following heads:- Introduction, Function of Epidemic Disease Act, The Power of State during Pandemic, rules regarding right to privacy, The Need for a Legal Framework for Epidemic Preparedness and Response and Conclusion. Many people across the globe lost their lives during the lockdown. Many activities like transportation, sports, recreational, and others were motionless during the lockdown.
 The burden of the State increases to provide basic needs to the people without violating their rights. Several legal frameworks assisted the administration to safeguard the people. Moreover, the lockdown violates the rights of people. The violated rights were education, life, privacy and health, etc.